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Friday, 23 March 2018
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ORGANIC PRODUCTS arrow Amalaki Capsules (Organic India)

Amalaki Capsules (Organic India)

Price: €11,95
Number capsuless in packaging:60

Organic Amalaki Capsules  - Herbal Dietary Supplement 500mg – The Natural Antioxidant - made with 100% certified organic Amalaki (Amla) herb. Vegetarian Capsules made from plant cellulose are used for filling. No fillers, no additives, just Amalaki (amla). Organic Amalaki (Amla) Capsules are free of salt, sugar, corn, soy, yeast, wheat, dairy products and are formulated without preservatives, flavors, colors or excipients.

Amalaki / Amla or Indian Gooseberry in English is the richest source of natural Vitamin C, One of the properties that makes Amla divine is that it contains five of the six tastes: sweet, sour, bitter, astringent and pungent. The only taste missing is salty. This gives it a holistic, balancing effect on the doshas meaning it is tridoshic and is pacifying to all three doshas. Very few fruits have this quality. It is good for all seasons, all weather conditions, and all body types. Amalaki is useful in treating cough, cold, sore throat and respiratory tract infections. Being an antioxidant it protects the body from free radical damage and hence prevents premature aging.

Part used: Fruit

Key Benefits of Amalaki:

• Act as an Natural Antioxidant
• Provide an excellent source of Vitamin C.
• Strengthen Immunity
• Enhance Food Absorption.
• Act as a Body Coolant
• Balance Hyperacidity.
• Support the Heart.
• Enhance Fertility.
• Flush Out Toxins
• Support Skin Health and Appearance
• Strengthen the Eyes

Ingredients: Each capsule supplies 500 mg of pure Certified Organic Amalaki Herb.

Suggested Usage: 1 capsule twice a day before meals.

Pack Size: 60 Vegetarian Capsules

Amalaki provides a fully bio-available source of natural Vitamin C that is easily digested and assimilated from one of nature's prime sources of Vitamin C, the whole Amla fruit. Organic Amalaki detoxifies and rejuvenates the digestive system and GI tract, reduces acidity and helps to balance PH levels. Amalaki is naturally abundant in antioxidants that help reduce free radicals and boost immune response. Organic Amalaki Capsules are safe for vegans and vegetarians. Organic Amalaki is also gluten-free.

Amalaki, the "Indian Gooseberry" has been known for more than 3,000 years. Amalaki belongs to the group of herbs that according to ayurvedic texts, "Promote longevity and induce nourishment." Amla's antioxidant properties were first discovered in 1936. The Tannoid Principles of Amla are the chief antioxidant compounds in the fruit. Amalaki supports normal levels of HDL and LDL by supporting the normal peroxidation responses. High in natural antioxidant activity, Amalaki supports the body's normal protection mechanisms as it deals with oxidative stresses. Researchers at the Institute of Natural Medicine, University of Toyama, Japan called Amla a very useful antioxidant in support of normal oxidative stress levels during the body's natural aging process.


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